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I feel a deep Connection to the nordic spirit within me. Rays from Sirius reached us a long time ago and connect us with this energy – This energy is reflected in my work and brings healing and protection.

„Tattooing is a tradition humanity practices since thousands of years in nearly every culture and region on this planet. For me tattoos are a big part of healing. Follow your inner voice and see where it guides you in life.“

I'm looking forward to your requests and being a part of your journey – Lukas (Ancientskin)

Handpoked Tattoos

Tattoo Rituals

Jetzt Termin buchen Jetzt Termin buchen

Traditional Tattooing without a machine

Tattoos need Time

Yes, you need to be patient. Especially handpoke tattoos need time – For me it's another level to work without electricity or machines. For me it honours the tradition and the magical power of the images and energies of the past in a modern way.

Inspiration from the Ancient Times

It's not about reenactment but more as a reinterpretation of the old roots. The images and symbols are powerful over thousands of years and they are still powerful and helpful in our current times we life in.

Your unique Tattoo

All my creations, designs and symbols are unique and special made for each one of you. Let's find out what you need on earth to evolve and heal yourself. Think about what you need not only what you like and find on google.

Handpoked Tattoos by Ancientskin

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