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Veldismagn Earrings (Large)

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The Veldismagn is a symbol, especially for travelers, for protection, health and luck. I always mention that the meaning and force of all symbols are also powerful in the context of a metaphoric journey.

A Symbol of protection: It is used as a protective charm for travelers. Travelers who tattoo the symbol onto their skin, or wear it as a chain around their neck, are said to be shielded and protected from danger.

A Symbol of good health: Traditionally drawn over the doors or windows of houses as a symbol of good health. It was believed that the Veldismagn prevents diseases and germs from entering the house.

Symbol of luck: It is used as a lucky charm by those who are going on long journeys or in the middle of an important point in their life.

  • Weight: 20 grams each
  • Wearable size: minimum 2mm lobes required to wear them
  • Diameter: 80mm 
  • Handmade on Bali
  • High quality Gold or Silver Brass
  • Available in Small and Large